On December 21st we were selected for the title of "Wine Bar of the Year 2018", after only being opened for four months. Of course words can not describe how proud we are of this prestigious title and we will do our utmost to uphold this honor. You can find the article (sadly in Dutch) in the link below.


“Meesters in wijn” is THE new winebar and wineshop in Maastricht. Located in the middle of the cozy Jekerkwartier, you can fill your wine heart in our winebar which breaths hints of your high school days. You can taste all our wines by the glass, enjoy freshly made authentic dishes and ask all your questions to the “Meesters”. You’re very welcome to come by and raise the glass with us!

You can purchase our selection of Old World wines online though this LINK. The New World WInes are avialable only in our wine shop at the Sint Pieterstraat.

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